Fortune 5 investments was forged by the merger of three prominent businessmen, each of which are also successful property investors. The combined synergies of which has resulted in the firm being the most prominent, fastest growing and profitable real estate investment company in the region from inception till date.

Message from Chairman

Strategic thinking has been a key driver in our business success at Fortune 5, with recognition of great real estate projects and selection of the right partners as two of our top strategies. It is our goal to take the lead and be proactive in such a dynamic market, making the best of the opportunities provided to us.

As a team, we are creative, ambitious, and bold. We constantly shape our destiny, setting rock-solid fundamentals, not by emulating the examples set by others, but by our confidence in our creativity and pioneering approach to business. Today, our efforts have already qualified us as one of the leading private companies in the region.

Amongst many things that sets us apart from the rest is our responsible outlook in sustaining revenue streams, keeping in mind top business ethics and professionalism.

Mr. Prem Gopalani
Executive Chairman


Prem Gopalani

Executive Chairman

Leading the company and its relationship with shareholders, investment committee, and board of directors- Focused on delegating overall structures and business strategies.

Mr. Prem Gopalani is the elected chairman of Fortune 5 ‘s board of directors.  A true business leader who has successfully applied his commerce acumen across various industries in the region, including hospitality, textile trading, and real estate. He founded Kiran Trading in the UAE over 16 years ago, creating one of the largest importers and distributors of textiles from Southwest Asia, with multiple international clients across the continents. Over the last decade, Mr. Gopalani’ s growing passion for real estate developed into a strategic acquisition of top market projects, earning him one of the highest investment portfolios of properties and developments in Dubai.

Jaykumar Dadlani

Vice Chairman

Serving the board and investment committee on overall development, investment, and risk assessment strategies.

Mr. Jay Dadlani established himself as a well-respected businessman in the UAE over the last 30 years, becoming one of today’s most prominent business investors in Dubai. In 1993, he founded HONEST GROUP of Companies in the UAE, expanding and diversifying the group’s portfolio to include textile, steel, and electronics.

Keen on Dubai’s potential real estate market early on, Mr. Dadlani expanded his professional network and business expertise to the industry, eventually bringing his wealth of experience to the shareholders thus creating Fortune 5 Investments.

Yasser Khawaja

Vice Chairman

Serving the board and investment committee on overall development and business strategies. Monitoring and implementing financial structures and transactions. Responsible for the commercial strategy and development of the organization.

Mr. Yasser Khawaja began as an avid entrepreneur who quickly succeeded across various industries including oil and gas, hospitality, and retail. Mr. Khawaja brings with him a wealth of experience from the hospitality segment as the master franchisor and developer of Cinnabon in Pakistan. Given his allegiance to the region, and with over 10 years of real estate experience in the UAE, Mr. Khawaja has effectively placed himself as one of Dubai’s top market investors. Moreover, his contribution to the Board of Directors and reputation for creative and solution-focused business proficiency is key to Fortune 5’s ongoing success.